Arashi Makes History with 7 Million DVDs Sold


It was earlier reported that Arashi’s “AraFes” DVD sold 624,000 copies, making them 1st in Oricon’s Weekly DVD ranking from Dec 24th- 31st period. For the second week, the group sold an additional 55,000 DVD copies, making their total sales to 678,000; thus, taking the top spot for the 2nd consecutive week.

By adding this figures, Arashi has sold a total of 7,057,000 DVD copies (since 2009), making them the no.1 in “Total DVD sales by an artist”. Arashi now has a 4.3 million gap with Morning Musume, holder of the 2nd spot in the said ranking.

Lastly, “AraFes” has sold 624,000 for 1st week, which gives it the top spot in 1st week DVD sales ranking since the ranking started last 1999. Arashi now monopolized the first 6 of  “first week DVD sales ranking”.

Total DVD sales by an artist in history

1) Arashi – 705.7 million

2) Morning Musume – 274.0 million

3) Ayumi Hamasaki – 253.5 million

First week DVD sales ranking [Since 1999]

1) ARASHI “Arafes” – 624,000 copies (released Dec 24, 2012)

2) ARASHI “10-11 TOUR “Scene”~君と僕の見ている風景~STADIUM” – 618,000 copies (released Jan 26, 2011)

3) ARASHI “LIVE TOUR Beautiful World” – 572,000 copies (released May 23,2012)

4) ARASHI “10-11 TOUR“Scene”~君と僕の見ている風景~ DOME+” – 539,000 copies (released June 16, 2011)

5) ARASHI “Anniversary Tour 5×10” – 477,000 copies (released Apr 7,2010)

6) ARASHI “5×10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009” – 428,000 copies (released Oct 28,2009)

Oricon Style

Wow…Arashi…WOW…they monopolized the top 6…That is so cool! Omedatou!!!~~~



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