[Interview]Yamada Ryosuke on his 1st Solo Release and Covering a Favorite Song of his Senior


1/11 — Yamada Ryosuke talks about the released of his 1st solo from his group, his challenging role for “Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo“, and currently doing “Johnny’s World“. Lastly, the Hey!Say!JUMP member talks about what he really feels about his solo work and his plans on continuing it.

—Your first solo single, “Mystery Virgin” has been released, tell us what you felt when you heard that you’ll be releasing a solo single?

Yamada: I was like, “No way!” (laughs). Until then, I have never thought about singing solo since I just usually sang in solo corner during live performances.

—Although [Mystery Virgin] will be used as the theme song for “Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo”, the beat is a bit slow and there are some dramatic dance moves. What was your impression when you first heard the song?

Y: Because I’m singing the theme song for Kindaichi, there were so many feels (laughs). The song’s atmosphere fits the drama well though it’s quite difficult to sing due to pressure.

—Putting stress on each note (placing note in each lyrics) is already difficult as well singing alone…

Y: Though it was a love song, it was basically about the odiousness of love and I did not sing as much as the amount of emotions needed. I mean, in one way or another, you have to give or do something like…

—Like what?

Y: I think that some people only get to like me after watching a drama of mine. During live performances of Hey!Say!JUMP, I have to exude a bit of sexiness or manliness to make “Yamada Ryosuke” appeal to fans. But this time, I want people, who do not know me, to get interested at me with my singing and dancing. Though the music video is a bit strange, I want to them to think “what’s this?” or “what does it mean?” and to just imagine it, those kind of things.

—It was surprising because when I heard the song, I could only think that it was right for Yamada.

Y: That’s not like that at all (laughs). As with any music, I have to adapt, it’s not just a song; it’s also about work. We just don’t sing it or dance like that because we want to do it that way, we sought what is the best way to sing or dance [the song] . Like now, I’m also doing “Johnny’s World”, what does it mean? It means that I have to packed a lot of different emotions and think what moved the audience.

—Also, you covered KinKi KidsAi no Katamari?

Y: For the song, I wanted to sing it on my own way, so I asked Koichi-kun and Tsuyoshi (Domoto) if it’s okay for me to sing it… I know that the song is important for KinKi Kids and for their fans as well. I have listened to Fujigaya (Taisuke) and Kento (Nakajima) sang the song for Shonen Club; however, I want to sing it on my own, I want to give it my best one. When I was given the permission to sing, I sent a thank-you email to Koichi-kun. He said about singing Ryosuke’s “Ai no Katamari”, I was really glad. Then, he invited me for a drink but I said I’m only 20, and he was like, “E——-?“. But since he went out into trouble of inviting me, that will be my one of my goals this year. (—Yamada, you’re still 20, not 21, so it’s still illegal.- M)

—You wrote the lyrics for “Gin no Sekai ni Negai wo Komete” (Wishes to the Silver World) right?

Y: I said that I will if there is a song called “Moonlight” for concerts. I wrote “Gin no Sekai” with words that won’t make your head ache and set my feelings straight.

—You’re also served as the leader for “Johnny’s World” and with Hey!Say!JUMP since your debut, is now your busiest?

Y: Not at all! It was much busier before when I have to go to rural areas to shoot, there are also concerts, and school that when I don’t have any sleep at all, I really think that I’ll die (laughs). Compared to those days, it is much easier now.

Only Star

All the best, Yamada! Just remember to keep your feet on the ground.XD


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