Morita Go Chooses Silence on Whether he and misono are Dating


Last Jan 11th, Morita Go was interviewed by the press conference for the play, “Inori to kaibutsu ~Willeville no san Shimai~” in Tokyo. Reporters asked him about the news that he was spotted with misono on a golf date, as published by Shukan Josei October last year. However, Morita chose to ignore those questions by keeping a downward gaze and even left the conference in silence.

The said stage play will start tomorrow- Jan 12th with Yukio Ninagawa in-charge of the stage production and Keralino Sandorovich (KERA) as the playwright.  “Inori to kaibutsu ~Willeville no san Shimai~” have ran last December with KERA as the Director, this will be Yukio’s version of the play for their “Director’s Confrontation”.

Morita will play the role of a zookeeper, the performance that was shown to the reporters have been vivid and the long lines have been a challenge. Yukio and Morita have worked before for “Chi wa Tatta-mama Nemutte-iru” last 2010.

“Inori to kaibutsu ~Willeville no san Shimai~” will run from Jan 12th to Feb 3rd, 2013.



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