Kis-My-Ft2’s “Busaiku?!” to Return for 3 Consecutive Months


It has been announced that Kis-My-Ft2‘s TV show “Kis my BUSAIKU?!” will be returning on TV starting this January and will be broadcasted for the next three consecutive months. The said TV show have aired August and September last year. Kitayama Hiromitsu is enthusiastic about the show’s return, “Each member know their roles and were beginning to feel growth from it, we’re gonna do our best so we could do the show longer and not just for three months.”

The program will follow the same format last year wherein each member have to strive “to become men so cool that everyone will be forced to admit it!”. Miyata Toshiya and Senga Kento got the lowest score last broadcast, which means that they are deemed as “BUSAIKU”. This time, the two are prepared to take challenges seriously so they could graduate from being busaiku to cool men.

Example of themes will be like: “Cool way to invite someone to the house” and “Cool way to kiss in the office”. The members of Kisumai will be starring in each videos where they will try to show their “cool side” to a woman who is not so familiar with Kisumai. Afterwards, all the collected videos will be watched and the members will be rank from no. 7 (=BUSAIKU) to no. 1 (=COOL). Furthermore, a woman will be giving comments during video review that could cause some stunned expressions from members because of some caustic comments.

“I enjoy doing it because you can see that everyone is enjoying it as well, I want to continue doing it on and on,” Tamamori Yuta commented. Yokoo Wataru have other things in mind, “I want to use the show to get to know more about the woman’s heart through the program,” he said.

For January to March, the themes will be: “Cool way to kiss while in the Ferris wheel”, “Cool way to act in the BAR”, and “cool birthday present to give a certain important figure in entertainment industry” that will surely cause trouble to the members. Anjasshu‘s Watanabe Ken will also be doing a guest appearance to watch the VTR of each member.

“Kis my BUSAIKU?!” will start airing on Jan 26th, Feb 23rd, and Mar 23rd.

Oricon Style

For those who are not aware, BUSAIKU literally means unpleasant looking or ugly since Japanese netizens have previously commented that Kisumai members aren’t that good looking, even for someone from Johnny’s. Nevertheless, the guys just shrugged it off and did their best to appear “cool” in any situation. I’m not exactly into this show when I 1st heard it last year since the title itself is mean. XD. Though I managed to catch an episode and it was extremely funny. Okay, not extremely, but you’ll definitely find yourself grinning since you just can’t help it.


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