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Kanjani8’s Nishikido Ryo Denies Relationship with Aragaki Yui


Last Apr 17th,  Kanjani8‘s Nishikido Ryo attended the completion announcement and preview event of his upcoming movie- “Kencho Omotenashi Ka” (Prefecture Government’s Hospitality Division)- with actress, Horikita Maki. During the interview, Nishikido denied that he and actress Aragaki Yui are in a romantic relationship after it was reported in tabloids.

Nishikido and Aragaki starred together in Fuji TV’s “Zenkai Girl” last 2011. When asked about their relationship, “we’re close friends,” Nishikido said flatly. When he was asked again for confirmation, “there is nothing, nothing, nothing, it’s completely okay,” Nishikido said before leaving the venue.

Kencho Omotenashi Ka” will hit the theaters on May 11th.

Yahoo! Japan

Defensive much, Ryo?




    • most JE talents (especially around Ryo’s age) are allowed to date as long as they won’t be too public about it. But it’s definitely not like AKB were they will be sacked if caught.


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