From Rice Faction to Bread Faction on Takki’s New Drama

(c)drama wiki
(c)drama wiki

On Apr 19th, Takizawa Hideaki attended the press conference of his upcoming drama, “Mayonaka no Panya-san” (Midnight Bakery) at Shibuya, Tokyo. During the presscon, Takizawa said that he has changed from rice faction to bread faction.

The drama tells about a mysterious bakery that opens only at midnight and Takizawa plays the bakery’s owner. “My feelings for bread changed when I ate the first chocolate cornet I made for practice. Though I’m 100% into rice, my views changed significantly.”

Takizawa’s co-star, Kiriyama Akito said that watching the drama would make you want to eat bread. While Tsuchiya Tao revealed that her face got rounder since she was always eating bread.

“Mayonaka no Panya-san” will start airing on Apr 28th, 10PM (JST) on NHK.

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