Arashi Tops Only★Star’s “Artists High Favorability Ranking 2013”


In the latest issue of Only★Star magazine, readers were surveyed as to who they think are the artists who are “highly favorable”. The said survey is divided in four categories: artists, actors/actresses, talents, and entertainers/comedians.

Here is the result for “Only★Star’s Top 10 Artist High Favorability Ranking 2013

1) Arashi

2) Fukuyama Masaharu


4) Kanjani8

5) aiko

6) ikimonogakari

7) Momoiro Clover-Z

8) Mr. Children

9) Perfume

10) yuzu

In both men and women who were surveyed, Arashi emerged on top because of their attitude to be “committed to anything”. Not only in the field of music, but in their CMs and shows as well. One reader also commented that watching Arashi naturally attracts a person to do his/her best in everything. Furthermore, readers also added that Arashi’s music is “easy to listen to” and familiar to most readers. With regards to the groups’ chemistry, most readers agree that they can sense that the 5-member group gets along well and there is intimacy within the group while working to give their fans a high quality of workmanship. Lastly, Arashi is popular irregardless of gender.

The rest of the results can be found here.

Only Star

Arashi and Kanjani8…love it! Omedatou!~~


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