Casts Revealed for “Mogura no Uta” Starring Ikuta Toma


Last May 1st, the casts for Takashi Miike‘s “Mogura no Uta” have been revealed. Lead by hooligan-like Ikuta Toma, who plays the role of underachiever cop- Kikukawa Reiji, the rest of the characters did cosplay for a photoshoot.

Describing the yakuza world with a touch of humor, starting with Yusuke Kamiji‘s (Kuroken) full-body tattoo, which take 7 hours to complete; Takashi Okamura (Issei Nekozawa) with bald head and diamond teeth; Yamada Takayuki (Shun Tsukihara)with blonde hair and bleached eyebrows; and Naka Riisa (Junna Wakaki) with a plump figure a policewoman uniform. Naka is the only girl among the cast and reportedly did a love scene with Ikuta despite her pregnancy.

Producer Uehara Hisaichi proudly said that the actors retained the unique character of the original . Based from Noburo Takahashi‘s manga of the same  title, it tells the story of an underachiever policeman who infiltrated Sukiya-kai, a yakuza organization, and destroy it from the inside (=mole).

The filming finished last Mar 11th and currently in the process of editing. There are strong action scenes in this movie which involves sword fights and car stunts. Ikuta is looking forward to the movie’s completion this autumn.

Mogura no Uta” will have its theatrical release February next year.


Sanspo and Sports Hochi


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