Masuda Takahisa Plays a Ruthless Role for his New Butai


Last May 3rd, NEWSMasuda Takahisa had the opening day for his 3rd butai, “Strange Fruit” at Tokyo Globe Theater. “Strange Fruit” tells the story of artists who must create a masterpiece for the price of 100 million Yen; however, they must all live in one roof for a year.

Masuda plays the role of a cruel film maker; a big difference with his friendly image. Minamisawa Nao, who plays Masuda’s heroine, gave an impression of Masuda’s role, “his eyes is so different when he is playing his role, for a bit, you’ll be startled”. “There are moments when I think that I’m a bit scary,” Masuda commented, “but I’m really gentle,” he added with a smile.

Masuda also talked about how he prepared for his role, “I built-up my body by swimming with the goal of 5 kg each week.” Minamisawa also revealed that Masuda has been doing weight training during rehearsals. Aside from body-building, Masuda and Minamisawa will be having a love scene for this play, “don’t worry, all my fans are friendly,” Masuda assured Minamisawa. To which Minamisawa added, “I want them to imagine themselves (Massu’s fans) as me when they see the scene.”

Strange Fruit” will run until the 26th at Tokyo Globe Theater and in Osaka for two days until the 28th.

jnews1, Sanspo, Nikkan Sports, and Sports Hochi

Uh oh, Tego-nyan won’t be too happy that someone else will be touching Massu’s body. XD


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