Morimoto Shintaro is in Love?


Johnny’s Jr. Morimoto Shintaro, who just entered the TRAIT course in Horikoshi Gakuen, and starring with Katori Shingo in “Kasuka na Kanojo” is rumored to be in love with his co-star…

As reported,

As the new semester starts, a statement from Horikoshi upperclassman revealed seeing Yamamoto Maika with M.S. on their way to school. Between the two of them, the atmosphere looks good and they looked like they’ve been chatting.

For those who are not familiar with Yamamoto Maika, she’s an up-and-coming model/actress who first appeared in Bishojo Zukan. Afterwards, her charm and innocent looks have attracted Mitsui Real Estate and named her the 14th generation “Rehouse Girl” (Rehouse Girl previously launched actresses,like:Ā Miyazawa Rie, Aoi Yuu, Kawaguchi Haruna).

Yamamoto Maika is currently starring with M.S. in Kasuka na Kanojo together with M.S. senpai, K of S, where M.S. plays a student together with I and J of Jrs.

The drama started filming late in February. During that time, Yamamoto and M.S. instantly hit it off after learning that they will both attend Horikoshi, but they haven’t started dating until mid-March. Yamamoto have already confided to a model friend of hers that she and M.S. are seeing each other. “It’s natural for them to lovey-dovey but they have to conceal their relationship,” according to Women’s magazine reporter.

M.S., being a J idol, would naturally attract attention in school. However, it is not possible to be in a relationship while they are in school’s vicinity. There were some noted “official” couples while studying in Horikoshi. Example are T of K with Abiru Yuu and Y of H with Nishiuchi Mariya. However, in the case of Nishiuchi, she was forced to quit Horikoshi after receiving backlash/threats from Y’s fans.

If the two are indeed in a relationship, hoping that it won’t turn to the wrong direction.

BUBKA via Johnny’s Watcher

***this is a tabloid news***

I’m sure you know those INITIALS, right?

Anyway, I think that it’s okay for them to date, though they are still young and so, but…I don’t much about Horikoshi, most of what I know about the school are just rumors, but as far as I remember they have strict policies about dating. Not just about dating, rumor has it that even entering school is separated by gender, which is weird because both gender can interact in a class setting. But being seen together (boy and girl) alone would warrant suspicion that the two are under relationship. Oh well, they are still young, so just leave them be. XD.


8 thoughts on “Morimoto Shintaro is in Love?

  1. Only here to comment on Y issue, couldn’t care less about Morimoto (sorry!). Anyway, that Y and Nishiuchi issue was a huge deal among fans who are delusioning themselves that they can have their idols all to themselves. Get real. I also like Nishiuchi after I’ve seen SG and it’s such a shame how Y’s delusional fans treated her like she’s a mistress and those girls are the wifey.


  2. Eh?! Nishiuchi was forced to quit Horikoshi because of Y’s fans?! That’s terrible D: I had no idea! I like both of them,and I never felt ill towards her when the rumors of her and Y were popping up. I just dont understand why fans cant understand both parties feelings and just wish for their idols happiness ; ^ ;


    • it’s sad but most fans are selfish.XD. Rumor has it that Mariya received threats on her personal blog that she was also forced to close it and limit it to “members only”. Again, it was just a rumor but I’m also one of those who finds it cute for Y and Mariya to be together. =)


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