A New Girl for Tomoya Nagase

Tomoya Nagase is back in dating world after his break-up with Aibu Saki last spring. Tomoya’s latest girl is…

As reported,

It was reported in the recent issue of FRIDAY magazine that TOKIO‘s Tomoya Nagase was seen with a “beautiful woman with slender body” and assumed to be in her early 20s. According to eye-witnesses, the two enjoyed a meal in a roasted meat shop in Minato-ku, Tokyo and both were not wearing any disguises, like sunglasses, cap, face mask, etc.

By 10:30 PM, Tomoya went down the stairs, followed by a woman wearing black tights and gray coat, the two passed-by Starbucks for take-away coffee, and went to Tomoya’s apartment.

The said “beautiful woman with slender body” is similar to Fuji TV’s announcer Kato Ayako.

Daily Sports and Livedoor News


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