500 Fans Blesses Okura Tadayoshi for his 28th Birthday


Last May 15th, Okura Tadayoshi attended the completion announcement and preview of his upcoming movie, “100-kai naku koto (Cry 100 Times)”with Kiritani Mirei, Tomosaka Rie, and Osugi Ren.

The cast surprised Okura with a pre-birthday greeting (Okura turns 28 on May 16) where he was given a cake made of 100 cupcakes. “This is the 1st movie of this 28 years-old and I want it to be a hit,” Okura wished in front of 500 fans who gathered at the event. Okura’s leading lady, Kiritani Mirei gave him a bouquet of flowers made of 100 handkerchiefs as a present, “because he said that he likes to cry in a movie, so cry 100 times,” she commented.

Based from Ko Nakamura‘s bestselling novel, “100-kai naku koto (Cry 100 Times)” tells the story of two lovers, one with a lost memory, while the other is struggling with a terminal disease. “I was surprised when I heard the title, ‘Cry 100 Times’,” Okura commented, “though I’m relieved that I really don’t have to cry for 100 times,” he added with a laugh. Furthermore, Okura did the motorcycle accident scene without a stunt double which is known to be the key to the story.

In addition, Kanjani8 will sing the theme song for the movie “Namida no Kotae” (answer to tears), which will be released as a single on June 12th.

100-kai naku koto (Cry 100 Times)” will be in theaters on June 22nd and directed by Hiroki Ryuichi.

Sponichi Annex, Walker Plus, and MyNavi

Kiritani is disturbingly thin. I know that she’s supposed to be sick in the movie so maybe she shed those much weight. Oh well, as much as I love Tacchon, I’m not into tearjerker movies/drama so idk. All the best anyway, another Hiroki Ryuichi’s tearjerker movie will surely be a hit.




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