Nakajima Yuto to Star in a New Drama with Aya Ueto and Sakai Masato

It has been announced that Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Nakajima Yuto will be joining the cast of TBS upcoming drama, “Hanzawa Naoki” (tentative title). The said drama will air on July 7th at 9:00 PM (JST).

The said drama will have Aya Ueto and Sakai Masato as lead characters. This will be the 1st time that the two will be working again in a drama after 10 years since “Hito Natsu no Papa e“. “Hanzawa Naoki” is based from Ikeido Jun’s original novel “Hatsuru Soko Naki” that won Edogawa Rampo Prize in 1998. The drama will follow the life of Hanzawa Naoki (Sakai Masato), a central banker during Japan’s “bubble economy”, where those in the middle-management has to fight to stay in the organization. Hanzawa will have to deal with different upheavals within the bank especially after he receives the blame for his superior mistake. Aya Ueto will play his dutiful and supportive wife.

Sponichi Annex, Infoseek, and Yomiuri

I’m still hoping that Yuto will finally play as a lead in a drama. Oh well, since this is a workplace setting, should I assume that Yuto will also play as a banker? XDDDD. He is the youngest among the cast and I’m excited to see Yuto wearing suits. =)


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