Miyata Toshiya on Playing a Prince and Becoming a Voice Actor


Last May 17th, Kis-My-Ft2 Miyata Toshiya attended the public dress rehearsal for his stage play, “Kifushamu koku no bōken” (The Adventures of Kifushamu) at Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall, Tokyo.


Miyata plays the prince of a fictional country, Kifushamu, who decided to go on a journey in the underworld to search for the dead King. This is Miyata’s first lead in a play and though he is regarded as the jokester in the group, he is transformed to a gallant prince on stage and even did intense sword fights. “I may not be the perfect prince, but when I’m on stage, I can feel that I’m a prince.”

From stage to his fellow Kisumai members, Miyata has been repeatedly teased as “Prince!Prince!” and though he has doubts with his stage presence with costume changes each day, production director Kokami Shoji only has praises for Miyata, “No one looks good with this role but him; he is obedient and his acting keeps on getting better.”

Lastly, since Miyata is known to be an otaku, he hopes that the stage play can be animated because it’s the type of show that will be enjoyed by both kids and adult. He also added that he’ll be the voice actor.

The Adventures of Kifushamu” will run from May 18th to June 11th in Shinjuku’s Kinokuniya Hall, Tokyo.

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5 thoughts on “Miyata Toshiya on Playing a Prince and Becoming a Voice Actor

  1. He never said that he will be the voice actor. He said that if the play would become an anime, he’d like to voice act for it.


    • so, “voice act” is different from being a voice actor? if yes, when does someone qualify as being a voice actor/actress from merely doing a “voice act”?


    • I’m not pointing at the wording, what I meant is that you wrote “will be the voice actor”. There is no “will”, it’s a “would like to”. Because there is nothing said about it being made into an anime, therefore it is impossible to say that he “will” be the voice actor. And if it actually is made into an anime, it’s not certain he will do the voice acting either.
      There’s no difference between to voice act and to be a voice actor.


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