Tamamori Yuta and Nakayama Yuma in a New Drama


It was announced that Kis-My-Ft2‘s Tamamori Yuta will star in the live adaptation of popular manga series, “Pin to Kona“. The said manga that have sold more than 1 million in print tells the youthful love story of two kabuki actors in one girl.

Tamamori plays the role of the handsome scion of a prominent kabuki family, Kyōnosuke Kawamura; Kyonosuke is not the best in kabuki but he was able to rise in ranks due of his powerful family connections. NYC‘s Nakayama Yuma will play a novice kabuki actor, Ichiya Sawayama, who aims to be on top just by using his talent. The two male lead will vie for the heart of kabuki fangirl, Ayame Chiba, played by 9nine’s Umika Kawashima.


Joining Tamamori and Nakayama are their juniors from Johnny’s, Matsumura Hokuto (Sawayama Shohei) and Jesse (Sakamoto Haruhiko), who will both play as kabuki actors and rivals to the two leads.

Pin to Kona” will air this July at TBS (21:00, JST).


Tama is on a ROLL! He just did “Nobunaga no Chef” and now he has a new drama in Golden Time. WOW! So, I’m hoping that he’s acting would improve since he is doing kabuki. I’m not the biggest fan of kabuki (kabuki dramas from NHK bore me) but the manga got rave reviews so I’m hoping that the drama will be good as well. Though I like Umika (Haruma’s little sis in Bloody Monday), I hope that the role was given to Shida Mirai just for the sake that there is a continuation of their romance from Nobunaga. XDDD.

It was not stated in the news, but according to the manga (and I hope that they will really follow the manga), Ayame likes Ichiya more than Kyonosuke and because Ichiya is so good in kabuki, Kyonosuke’s family is likely to adopt him into the family. So, where that does leave Kyonosuke? Oh well…I love that kind of storyline so kabuki aside, I might watch this.



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