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Kagi no Kakatta Heya Wins TV Grand Prix + Arashi-Hosted Shows in Top 10


Fuji TV’s “Kagi no Kakatta Heya”, which stars Arashi‘s Ohno Satoshi, won the “My Best TV Award Grand Prix” in Galaxy Awards (Gyarakushi Award/GALAC). The said award of excellence is given to an individual, program, or organization for their contribution to Japanese broadcasting culture.

“Kagi no Kakatta Heya” garnered 924 votes from web and regular members of Broadcast Criticism Council out of 39 nominated works. Fuji TV’s drama won the voters because of it’s ingenuity and challenge, the “mismatch trio” ( with Toda Erika and Koichi Sato) provides much needed humor that made it possible to be enjoyed by both adults and children, and Ohno Satoshi was able to express different human emotions (joy, grief, and anger) with his acting.

Furthermore, 4 more Arashi-hosted shows are in the TOP 10, they are:

2) “Everything is for the sake of Delivering Dreams ~ Walt Disney Trajectory of Creation~” – hosted by Ohno (NHK, 817 votes)

3) Arashi no ashita ni kakeru tabi ~kibō no tane o sagashi ni ikou~  (NHK, 810 votes)

4) 63rd Kohaku Uta Gassen – hosted by Arashi and Horikita Maki (NHK, 328 votes)

6) 24 Hr TV – Loves Saves the Earth-hosted by Arashi (NTV, 311 votes)

The rest of TOP 10 HERE.

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