Kamenashi Kazuya Aims for “Ore Ore” to be Shown in 33 Countries


Last May 25th, Kamenashi Kazuya attended the stage greeting for the first day showing of Miki Satoshi‘s “Ore Ore” where Kamenashi plays 33 characters.

The said movie that premiered in Udine, Italy for Far East Film Festival and won “My Audience Award” is also slated to be shown in various countries, such as: Taiwan (Sept- Oct), Russia (summer), and Singapore (TBA).  In addition, more fans from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Denmark, and Brazil are campaigning that the movie will be shown in their country.

Kamenashi expressed his great joy with the positive feedback that they are receiving. Just like in the movie where Kamenashi’s character multiplied to 33 “Ore’s”, he hopes that the countries where the movie will be shown will also multiply. “I’m aiming for 33 countries,” he said.

In lieu with Kamenashi’s promotional activities for “Ore Ore”, the KAT-TUN member has to do 33 missions for the last 3 months, such as: “eating 33 sushi” and “scooping 33 goldfish”.  Kamenashi revealed that he’s never been so busy that he only had 4 minutes of sleep before the stage greeting event where he has to do his last mission. For Kamenashi’s 33rd mission, he has to stop the stopwatch at 33 seconds, he managed to hit 33 seconds in his 3rd try with 33.35. “I’m not a genius, I have to work hard and not screw-up since I’m not that lucky,” he said since he was hoping to hit 33.33. Nevertheless, Kamenashi can’t help but be relieved that his 33 missions is finally over.

“Pls. watch the movie until you get bored,” Kamenashi said for his unusual appeal to make the movie a smashing success.

youtube vid @honey10933

Sanspo, Daily Sports, Sponichi Annex, Nicovideo, and Oricon Style

If you want Pictures Dept. to bring “Ore Ore” to your country, find more about it HERE.

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