Yamashita Tomohisa Returns in Fuji TV’s “Getsu 9” After 3 Years

credits on pic
credits on pic

It has been announced that Yamashita Tomohisa will be starring in Fuji TV’s upcoming drama, “SUMMER NUDE” together with Karina and Toda Erika. “SUMMER NUDE” marks Yamashita’s return in Fuji TV’s “Getsu 9” timeslot since “Code Blue~Emergency Doctor Heli~ season 2” (2010).

As the title suggests, “SUMMER NUDE” is a love story among 3 people (1 man and 2 woman) who trails behind their past love in order to begin anew with a naked mind. Shooting will commence this June in a real seaside cottage that has been set-up for this drama.

Yamashita plays a photographer named Mikuri Asahi, who still can’t get over his past love who suddenly left him. Asahi will then meet Chiyohara Natsuki (Karina) where he was able to capture on his camera how Natsuki’s fiance left her on their wedding day. Together, the two will meet again in a seaside cottage where Taniyama Hanae (Toda) will again enter Asahi’s life; Hanae used to be Asahi’s high school junior and still harbors feelings for him. Together, these three people will weave a summer love triangle that will surely burn your heart.

On the lighter note, drama producer Murase Ken said that the drama was set on beach side in order to utilize Yamashita’s well-toned physique that he was able to maintained after “Ashita no Joe”.

This is Yamashita’s 4th time in Getsu9 series, 3rd time for Karina, and 5th time for Toda.

SUMMER NUDE” will air this July every Monday on Fuji TV at 21:00 (JST).

Nikkan Sports, Rakuten Woman, and Fuji TV

Pls. leave a comment if there is some sort of lost in translation with my synopsis for this drama because there are some things that I didn’t quite catch. XD. Sorry. The entire article from my sources are too long so I just summarized them.

Oh well, I’m hoping for good things to come for Yamapi and him being in another getsu9 series could mean that he is still SELLING. btw, that Murase’s comment, I’m expecting topless scenes!!!After all, it’s summer! XDDDD


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