Kamiki Ryonusuke to Sakurai Sho, “I respect him”

On June 4th, Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho and actor Kamiki Ryonusuke attended the Fuji TV’s event for “Kazoku Game” at Joypolis, Tokyo.

Sakurai and Kamiki are both starring in Fuji TV’s “Kazoku Game” where Sakurai plays the mysterious private tutor- Yoshimoto- who is on the verge of driving the Numata family into collapse. Kamiki plays the role of Shinichi, the eldest son of the Numata’s. Though the two are opposing characters in the drama, Kamiki said that he admires Sakurai a lot, “his smile just enlivens the atmosphere in the set,” Kamiki shared.

Sakurai has similar feelings for Kamiki, “he called me ‘sensei’ the first time we met, he’s really friendly.” In addition, Sakurai sees his kid self with Kamiki, “it’s strange but he has the same image as [me] when I was a kid. I hope that Kamiki will enjoy being in adulthood.” While the two are close during the interval of filming, the opposite happens during filming, “I have to make a distinction and think that I hate him,” Sakurai said.

Lastly, Kamiki rode the rollercoaster for the said event as a sign of the drama’s “accelerating” towards the climax and finale.

Oricon Style and Mantan Web

*Grinning*….I love them together.


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