Morimoto Ryutaro Caught Flirting

After being ousted in Hey!Say!JUMP due to underage smoking that was captured by Women’s Weekly, Morimoto Ryutaro is again thrust into gossip pages after being seen with a woman…

As reported,

Aside from putting Morimoto’s career on hold following his smoking scandal when he was only 14 years old, his profile page from Johnny’s Net was also erased last November. Despite this, there are still fans who are hoping that he’ll resume acting activities once he graduates from Horikoshi Gakuen where he is currently a junior.

However, despite concentrating on his studies, Morimoto was seen snuggling with a woman in a Starbucks branch in Shibuya- Q FRONT, last mid-June. “Ryutaro isn’t wearning any disguise at all, he was sporting a rough style dressed in shirt and khaki trousers while the woman is wearing denim shorts and a black parka. In Starbucks, the woman leans closer to Ryutaro as he circles his hand around her neck. There were many customers during that time but they don’t care and just flirted,” according to a fan witness.

“The friend who was with me was able to take a picture using her cellphone, but Ryutaro saw us and came to us telling that if he we don’t want trouble, we know what to do. [She] was forced to erase the picture on the spot.”

It was said that even the woman with Morimoto have gone pale with Morimoto’s unexpected burst of anger. The woman does not seem to be a model or anyone in the entertainment industry.

“Even though the agency has not made any formal announcement if he will exiting the agency, maybe he [Ryutaro] needs to consider on how to treat a fan better in the future,” according to an entertainment reporter.

While Morimoto is being photograph in Shibuya, his younger brother, Morimoto Shintaro is aiming to take further leap in the industry.

Summarized from Excite

***this is a tabloid news***
Seriously, the fan is at fault. It’s an invasion of privacy no matter how tempting it is.

8 thoughts on “Morimoto Ryutaro Caught Flirting

  1. oi you have any proof for showing that you’re not lies? please dont makes others misunderstanding with your fake statement..its hopeless you know? even Ryu never disturb your own life..mind your own please..spread fake rumors are not good and you know that, right?


    • first, this rumor is like YEARS ago. Second, I merely translated this rumor from Johnny’s-Watcher, which Johnny’s-Watcher got from a Japanese tabloid. Lastly, do you any proof that this is not a LIE?


  2. Hmm I know this is very old news but he should be able to date if he wants to, he isn’t under Johnny’s strict contract anymore so he can do what he wants now, although it upsets me he told the fan off angrily as I thought he was a sweet person 😦 but I do understand his anger, but anyway this is very old news so it does not really matter now but still you can date whoever you want to Ryu you are a 19 year old boy now so you are at an age were it’s acceptable to date with whoever you want to ^^


  3. …What is this? Ryutaro-kun, how could you cheat against me?!…

    Kidding aside … I think that what Ryutaro did was the right thing to do since it’s his life. And we can’t do anything if he really falls inlove. *sighs*


  4. Sorry for the very late comment, but I agree with you.
    I don’t think Ryutaro did anything wrong. Or does this fan really thinks that taking photos of someone on the street just to gossip about their private life is any less rude? Oh please.
    He can flirt with anyone that interests him, he’s not under a strict contract anymore.


  5. Let Ryutaro-kun live in his own life because even superstars fall in love they are also normal people like us the only difference is they are popular 🙂


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