Hey!Say!JUMP Yabu Kota in a May-December Love Affair Stage Play


Last July 17th, Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yabu Kota attended the production announcement for the stage play “40 Carats” that is top-billed by actress Mao Daichi and Shonentai’s Uekasa Katsuhide in Ginza, Tokyo.

Based from the hit musical in US and France, the Japanese version follows the funny story between a divorced 40 year-old woman being wooed by a younger man (Yabu Kota) and her ex-husband (Uekasa Katsuhide).

[Story of the original play] During her (Mao) travel abroad, she slept with a younger man (Yabu). When she came back, she found out that the younger man she slept with also happens to be dating her daughter.

In real life, Mao is married to interior designer, Morita Yasumichi, who is 12 years younger than her. As for having huge age difference when it comes to love, “I want to love with all one’s might,” Yabu commented.

40 Carats” will run from Sept 2nd at Osaka Shochiku-zu and at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Playhouse starting on the 18th.

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I’m so happy for Yabu, he hasn’t been in any dramas lately so I’m glad that he is doing something like this. I was also surprised that Johnny actually approved of the story line since it’ll be very cougar-ish.


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