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Nakamaru Yuichi to Appear in Higashiyama Noriyuki’s Drama

It has been announced that KAT-TUN‘s Nakamaru Yuichi will join Higashiyama Noriyuki in his upcoming drama special, “The Partner ~itoshiki hyaku nen no tomo e ~” on TBS.

The said special drama tells the story of  love and friendship between Vietnam and Japan. “The Partner ~itoshiki hyaku nen no tomo e ~” is a joint TV project of TBS and Vietnam TV (VTV) to commemorate 40 years of diplomatic relations between two countries.

Nakamaru have just came back from Hanoi,Vietnam where he filmed some of his scenes. He will play Higashiyama’s kouhai in a trading company for the present age while Higashiyama will play 2 roles representing the old and present age.

This is the first time that Nakamaru have worked with Higashiyama since Shonentai’s “PLAYZONE” back in 1999 where Nakamaru was a back dancer.

“The Partner ~itoshiki hyaku nen no tomo e ~” will air this September on TBS.

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So…Higashiyama-papa really loves KAT-TUN. XDDD. He has worked with Koki, Junno, and now Yuichi. So, when will it be Kame and Ueda’s turn?




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