Senga Kento to have his Silver Screen Debut in “Bilocation”

It has been announced that Kis-My-Ft2‘s Senga Kento will be having his silver screen debut in “Bilocation“, which will hit the theaters January next year. He will be joined by actress Asami Mizukawa and Johnny’s Jr. Takada Sho.

The suspense/horror movie is based from the debut novel of Hojo Haruka of the same title. “Bilocation” is a phenomenon wherein an individual or object appears in two different locations at the same time. It’s also quite similar to having a doppleganger.

In the said movie, Asami Mizukawa plays an aspiring painter who has been accused of counterfeiting when she was clearly at home when the incident happen. After being help by a police, she was brought to a place where there are also other victims of bilocation. One of which will be Senga, a university student, whose life is being threatened because of bilocation.

Lastly, Takada Sho will be playing the role of a mysterious young boy who always hides his face with a neck warmer.

“Bilocation” will hit the theaters on January 18, 2014.



3 thoughts on “Senga Kento to have his Silver Screen Debut in “Bilocation”

  1. january 18, 2013 ? xD
    I’m sooooooooo happy with this news ! I love Asami and Senga !
    I’m glad for him !

    Thank you for your work ! I’m glad for your come back too =)


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