History and Untold Stories of Johnny’s Adapted into Stage Play

In an interview with Johnny Kitagawa last July 24th in metropolitan Tokyo, he announced that the history of Johnny’s has been made into a stage play.

The stage play will be a collection of untold stories of first generation Johnny’s (1964) before the first record debut was made. A.B.C.-Z, who debuted last January 2012, will be chairpersons for the stage play, titled: “ABC-Z ni zero ichi san Jyaniizu densetsu” (ABC-Z chair, the Legend of Johnny’s) that will start this October.

Johnny, who has been known to avoid public appearances, decided produced a stage play to show “how Johnny’s have grown?” since the old times. In the original plan, the play was supposed to show the everyday life of A.B.C-Z prior to their debut; however, Johnny decided to grab this chance to tell the story of the first Johnny’s. Thus, the script was re-written to tell the history of Johnny’s.

The stage play will also showcase the music of the first generation, which includes: Johnny’s, Four Leaves, and Shonentai.

Furthermore, the said play will also show the struggle of Johnny’s during their 4-month stay in the US (1966) where they studied and tried to break within the mainstream. A music producer in Los Angeles gave them a chance to record a song but due to some contract disputes with a Japanese recording company, the song was never released.

The said song was “Never My Love”, which was given to US soft-rock band “the Association”, who managed to hit no.2 in Billboard 100 the following year.

“I, and the others, would also like to aim to be no.1 in the US,” Kawai Fumito shared. “Wherever we will go, I would like to deliver a powerful performance,” he added.

ABC-Z ni zero ichi san Jyaniizu densetsu” will run from Oct. 6th to 28th at Tokyo Nissay Theater.

Daily Sports, Sponichi Annex, and Sanspo

To those who are not aware, Johnny’s is the first group that Johnny Kitagawa formed. So, in this news, Johnny’s would refer THAT group and not to the agency (J&A).


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