Update on Okamoto Keito and Amachan Actress

FRIDAY magazine published “leaked” photos of actress Kasumi Arimura being annoyingly sweet with Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Okamoto Keito

As reported,

Supposed to be mobile photos of “Amachan” fame actress Kasumi Arimura snuggling with a Johnny’s idol- Hey!Say!JUMP’s Okamoto Keito were leaked to FRIDAY magazine.

The private photographs was said to have been taken last March. Okamoto and Arimura were introduced by actor Kamiki Ryunosuke and since then, the two have been meeting frequently in between their work interval.

How could mobile pictures like these got leaked when they are supposed to be private?  Could these be transferred to a friend and that friend sold it?


Yet another picture leaked but the one who leaked the picture remains unnamed and never to be found-out. Such a sad life live by stars whose friends might stabbed them from the back for the sake a partly reward from a sleazy tabloid. Really.

Oh well, suspicions aside, I hope that these two won’t be reprimanded by their agencies, I mean, I’m sure that other idols have their fair share of girls, they just haven’t been caught yet.

I also despise those comments saying that Keito is riding on Kasumi’s popularity, like WTH?! If those pictures weren’t sold, leaked, I’m quite sure that Keito won’t be announcing to the world that he is dating Kasumi for their own careers sake. It’s unfair, really.

Furthermore, wtf with those “ugly” comments. Seriously, I like to see their faces to see who is the ugly one.

Oh well, “I’m glad it wasn’t Yuto” . XDDDDDDD

7 thoughts on “Update on Okamoto Keito and Amachan Actress

  1. In my point of view, I’m still wondering where the picture they get from I don’t think is has been sold or transferred. In fact, I don’t think so both these young couple want to show off they are in relationship and I believe they won’t. Anyway, an idol also a human, they have their rights to know friends, in a relationship, we can’t bother it unless it’s forbidden but I knew that Johnny’s member are available to have relationship once they are 20th right? So, it’s not a problem. Some more they are able to learn how to handle their relationship instead of working. I’ll keep supporting them no matter what, because there is nothing to do of being a haters. Chill~ 🙂


  2. I love the pic of them laughing with each other. It’s so candid, and so sweet. They are obviously very happy together. Now their relationship is probably doomed.


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