Ueda Tatsuya to Star in a Stage Play Next Year

It has been announced that KAT-TUN‘s Ueda Tatsuya will be starring in a stage play next year to be directed by Ninagawa Yukio. This is the 1st time that the KAT-TUN member will be starring in a stage play by Ninagawa. It will also be Ueda’s stage comeback since 2009’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

Written by Furukawa Hideo, “Tōmin suru kuma ni soine shite goran” tells the story of two brothers who are descendants of a bear hunter. One brother is an elite salaryman, which will be played by Ueda, while the other one is yet to be announced. The said show will showcase the unique bond between two brothers.

“I thought that Ueda-san has a strong personality that’s why I wish to work together with him sometime,” Ninagawa commented. As for Ueda, “Each day, my heart throbs with joy as the day draws near when I can work with Ninagawa. I will work as hard as possible.” Stage practice will begin on December.

The said play is part of Bunkamura‘s 25th anniversary. “Tōmin suru kuma ni soine shite goran” will run starting Jan 9th next year at Theater Cocoon in Shibuya, Tokyo and will have a continuation in Osaka Morinomiya Piloti Hall starting Feb 7th.

Daily Sports and Sanspo




  1. Ueda Tattsuya, congratulations! ! ! This is very good news for us. We look, and with joy, we are waiting for your movie. I wish you all the best.


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