Fujigaya Taisuke to Grace “an an’s 2013 Annual SEX Issue”

It has been reported that Kis-My-Ft2‘s Fujigaya Taisuke will have his first cover and gravure shoot for the famous magazine, “an an“, in lieu with the magazine’s annual special sex issue. Fujigaya will also do a “sexy nude” as announced.

The 8-page spread will showcase Fujigaya’s firm body coupled with sexy expressions. Fujigaya reportedly followed a strict diet and have lost 4 kg prior to shoot.

In addition, Fujigaya also shared some of his thoughts regarding love and sex, “love and having sex should be done freely”. He also confessed that he’s the type who likes to teased a girl on bed.

an an’s special sex issue will be released on Aug 9th.

Sanspo and Daily Sports

Most people would actually gain weight, if not muscle, for a nude shoot. I don’t know why Gaya has to lost 4 kg when he is obviously skinny enough. Oh well, judging from the teaser (above), I’m expecting major nosebleed.



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