Kasumi Arimura Posts an Apology on her Blog

Last Aug 7th, “Amachan” actress Kasumi Arimura posted an apology on her blog following leaked private photos of the actress and Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Okamoto Keito in FRIDAY magazine. “I’m really sorry for all the fuss that happened,” Kasumi wrote.

In addition, Kasumi also stated that after carefully thinking about things, she’d rather concentrate on her career. In lieu with the leaked photos, Kasumi and Okamoto’s agencies both denied that the two are in a relationship and stated that they are “just friends”.

Sankei Sports

“Just friends” my ass.


2 thoughts on “Kasumi Arimura Posts an Apology on her Blog

  1. uhm well you know a girl and boy can be just friends i even sleep in the same bed as my guy friend, or kiss him on the cheek or some times on the lips a peck and the girls and boys other way are the same with each other. I understand their position etc. but a similar thing happend with a rockstar of japan and at the same day it came out he announced that he would marry his long term girlfriend…, Keito is known in jump to be open minded, as one member once said he is a forgein, well more open minded as he saw another side of the world, about such things also the other jump members not just with females tough who knows if they have that much contact but certanliy with each other such as sleeping on the same bad.

    Now lets not say but that is japan .. DOESN´T MATTER WHAT RACE OR GENDER OR AGE

    There are those who are very Affectional with each other not publicly but private or both.

    And there is also oh but they do look like a couple one jus feel i.. you know this tiny thing

    oh well I don´t really know

    Even so lets still Support Keito and Kasumi tough I dont have followerd her ever.

    Just wanted to let it out .. normally I dont open mouth but I just felt like it.

    Hope some understand what I try to say.


    • Thank you for that comment. Anyway, while I do agree that a guy and a girl can be just friends, Keito and Kasumi’s pictures SAYS IT ALL! Besides, why would Kasumi has to apologize for something as innocent as friends. Lastly, don’t let anyone kiss you unless yoi have feelings for that person for a kiss is not just a kiss, it awakens something inside.


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