Nagase Tomoya in a New Detective Drama this October

It has been announced that TOKIO‘s Nagase Tomoya will star in a new drama this October, titled: “Kurokochi“. The said TBS drama is based from the unsolved 1968 incident called “300 Million Yen Robbery/Affair“, which was dubbed as the largest heist in Japanese history. The said incident was also made into manga where the drama will be based.

In the said drama, Nagase Tomoya will play the role of Kurokochi Keita, a detective who believes in using underhanded tactics, like extortion and forgery, to uncover the truth. A tactic similar to “fighting evil with evil”.

Nagase has played variety of roles before, which includes a high school student yakuza in “My Boss My Hero” and as a conceited detective in “Unubore Deka”.

Joining Nagase is Gouriki Ayame, who portrayed a detective student in Fuji TV’s “Beginners!”. Asked about her first time working experience  with Nagase, “it has been very easy and he has a very masculine presence.” Nagase also commented that while their first onscreen team-up isn’t exactly “Beauty and the Beast”, given their differences, he assured the audience that it’ll be a very interesting drama.

“Kurokochi” will air this October at TBS, 10:00PM (JST)

Nikkan Sports and Sports Hochi

Gouriki’s presence aside, I’m a sucker for deka dramas so I’ll see this one. Xd



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