Kimura Takuya Plays an Android in New TBS Drama

It has been reported that SMAP‘s Kimura Takuya will star in TBS drama, “Ando Roid ~ A.I. know LOVE? ~“, starting this October. The said drama will replace TBS top-rated drama, “Hanzawa Naoki“.

Shibasaki Kou, who have worked with Kimura in “Good Luck!!“, will play the heroine. It has been ten years since the two have worked together.

In the said drama, Kimura will be playing two roles. “Ando Roid ~ A.I. know LOVE? ~” tells the story of Ando Roid (Kimura), an android 100 years in the future, who returned to the present to protect Ando Asahi (Shibasaki) from the same killer who killed genius physicist, Matsushima Reiji (also played by Kimura), and Ando’s fiance. Ando Roid, who is supposed to be emotionless, have later started developing feelings for Ando Asahi.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion’s” Anno Hideaki and his protégé Tsurumaki Kazuya presented the drama’s concept to TBS, Nishiagi Yumi (SPEC and Keizoku) will handle the script, and Takafumi Hatano (ATARU Theater Version) with Kimura Hisashi (ATARU movie and Kindaichi 2013 SP) will be responsible for production and direction.

Ando Roid ~ A.I. know LOVE? ~” will air this October.

jnews1 and TBS

“Good luck!!” is the first-ever Japanese drama I’ve watched that made fall in love with KimuTaku and Kou so I’m really excited for this one!!! I’m not really that eager about the plot and it’s so obvious that Ando Roid must have been designed and conceptualized by Matsushima for his fiance, Ando Asahi. I mean, just take a look at those “Ando’s” and android= ando roid? Quite lame, don’t you think? XD. Oh well, we’ll see.


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