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Sato Shori in a Late Night Drama with Johnny’s Jrs.

It has been announced that Sexy Zone‘s Sato Shori will be starring in NTV’s late night drama titled “49“. The said drama will be Sato’s first lead role.

Written by popular scriptwriter, Nojima Shinji, “49” is a sparkling youth school story where Sato will play the role of 16 year-old Kagami Dan. Kagami was a recluse because of being poor in his studies and sports. Until one day, the soul of his dead father entered his body, and Kagami becomes more clear-headed, became good at sport, and got popular at school.

Joining Sato are his juniors from Johnny’s, which includes: Jinguji Yuta , Yasui Kentaro , Teranishi Takuto, Morita Myuto, Shimikake Ryuya, Takahashi Fu, Abe Aran, and Amu Hanuida.

49” will air on Oct 5th (24:50, JST) on NTV.




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