Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 003)


Since I haven’t translated rumors for a long time and there’s too many of them now, I decided to do this digest (again) consisting of past rumors that interests me.

Involved parties, are: Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Kiriyama Akito.

  • Kamenashi Kazuya Seen with a Blond Woman? ***UPDATED***

               Despite the surge of Brazilian women calling themselves “Marcia Kamenashi” and the like, Kame seems more interested with white chicks. Rumor has it that KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya was spotted in an overseas trip with a blond white woman. According to eye-witness accounts, Kamenashi was seen twice with that woman, first was in Aug 26th and in Aug 27th at a patissiere shop in New York.

thank you Erika for the tip!

               ***In an article from Women’s Weekly via azashi, reports indicate that Kamenashi and the blonde woman was seen in JFK Airport in New York last Aug 19th. The said woman was like a “Hollywood actress” and was heard talking to Kame in English. In addition, a witness also said that the two were seen in Disneyland. The magazine did not specify any romantic involvement between the two and an entertainment reporter commented that the two are unlikely to be in a romantic relationship.

[Actually, that woman is one of Kame’s “ore” in lieu with his promotional activities for “Ore Ore” in New York. Seriously, she could be an interpreter or agent or whatever.  ]

  • Fuji TV is Suffering due to Preferential Treatment given to Yamashita Tomohisa

                   Aside from having a getsu 9 drama series with “SUMMER NUDE”, Yamapi also co-hosts a variety show, and will soon release an album titled “A NUDE”. Despite all that, something is amiss. Fuji TV is reportedly at their “wit’s end” after the single digit ratings of Yamapi’s debut in variety hosting with “Generation Tengoku”. If ratings are to be ignored, the fact that the show is in “Golden” time slot is already a struggle. Apparently, the agency and Iijima’s move to make Yamapi a “more interesting person” with his variety chairmanship has proven to be quite a challenge for the program’s director and writer. Moreover, the “suffering” continues as Yamapi’s record sales didn’t show improvement despite going via “erotic” route with “ERO-P” last year.

[Despite all the bashes that Yamapi is getting, I’m still his fan. If the “sexy/nude/erotic route is not working, give him something like “Loveless” and he’ll surely bounce back. I know it’s such a waste to hide those muscles and abs but Yamapi has been showing them a lot that all the excitement is now gone. ]

  • How Security Cameras Fare with the Private Lives of Celebrities

A guy enters a store while playing with his mobile phone, all filmed by a security camera, seems like a normal occurrence until one fan pointed-out that the said guy is Johnny’s Jr- Kiriyama Akito. The supposed-to-be private security footage by the convenience store was splashed throughout net, after one fan posted it on twitter, which “alarmed” some other fans over their idols right of privacy.

All ends well as the security agency behind the convenience store made an apology to the agency.

[This is not really a big deal considering that I’ve also seen a video snapshot of Koki Tanaka while in a convenience store. Besides, the irony of this story is the fact that some fans got irked by their idol’s lack of privacy considering the fact that a fellow fan posted the picture in twitter, and we all know that everything can get out of hand when it comes to twitter. ]

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12 thoughts on “Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 003)

  1. I’m wondering if you (or anyone) saved those pictures of Kame and the blonde? Because everywhere I’ve seen seems to have linked to the same picture that isn’t there anymore 😦


    • I only hotlink the pic so I don’t have the file. Anyway, the picture is a stolen shot, LQ, with nothing intimate to see between Kame and the blonde. try tumblr or google images


    • hmmmmm…seemed like Kame’s having some fun on the picture. Maybe, he was just out with that girl to relieve himself of some stress due to his hectic schedule. Kame needs to unwind sometime with all those shooting, promotions and tours. Let’s just think that it’s just a friendly hang-out. ❤


  2. why are they bashing Yamapi? Ratinga are just a number. It can be fabricated, if i know… But be it high or low rating, i am still a Yamapi fan and will never forsake him. I still love him and I bet his album sales will soon pick-up, just give time.. Yamapi’s great, be it singing or acting. as for hosting, maybe there are some misgivings why the rating was that low.

    Kame’s with a blond woman? is he dating her or something? Hope he’s not…i am not yet ready to know that Kame won’t be single and available anymore. Maybe that girl’s just a companion since it’s New York, anyone can go out with somebody but that doesn’t mean they’re a couple.

    Hope this rumors will remain rumors for the peace of mind of us fangirls…

    Thanks for these infos 🙂


    • I love NewS and I love Yamapi and also Ryo-chan. I love them as a group before and I even love them more now. Together or not, I always want to support them. So those people shouldn’t do all those bashings. NewS is great and so is Yamapi. People should be more understanding and sensitive coz those persons they’re criticizing are humans who have feelings that can be hurt also. I really hate those kinds of people, pulling the leg of those on top just because they don’t fit to what they are expecting. Anyway, i will always be a fan who’ll support them ❤


  3. I was dying to know those pics that came with kame and the blonde chick and wonder what it was saying, thanx for the translation

    Also i was wondering if u take request? I have bn wanting to know some of Jin’s rumors that are going around abt possible divorce and him bn seen with the baby and Meisa is most likely never around them? but I havent found none here since the Taki one XD !

    thanx for the translations 😀


    • Thank you for the comment. Regarding the Jin rumor, I believe that something similar has also been translated by other blogs, you could Google it and I’m quite positive that something likely would come-up.


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