Nakayama Yuma Quits College

NYC‘s Nakayama Yuma, who started college at Komazawa University last April 2012, have reportedly quit college. In an interview by Yomiuri Shibun (読売新聞よみほっと日曜版) last Sept 1st, Nakayama admitted that he quit college and his decision was received with surprise from fans.

Despite Nakayama’s hope to balance work and studies, he became extremely busy right after school started doing “Playzone” and “Piece” last year. Currently, Nakayama is doing “Playzone’13”, starring in “Pin to Kona” with Kis-My-Ft2’s Tamamori Yuta, and he is set to do the stage play, “ANOTHER”, this September.

“Although I went to University last year, I had a change of heart, and decided to leave school during midterms. Its all work now; however, it was not a waste to have studied and took the entrance exam. Despite the troubles, I will continue to climb the stairs to adulthood,” Nakayama mentioned in an interview from Yomiuri.

“Since there was no sighting of him (Nakayama) from school, we assumed that he took a leave of absence of have withdrawn. We know that balancing work and studies would be hard so it was a good thing that his (withdrawal) has been officially announced. Since this has been a tough decision for him, we will continue to support him,” according to Nakayama’s fan in her 30s.

Rakuten Woman

It is really regrettable that Yuma have to leave college, it’s quite a shame, really. =(



4 thoughts on “Nakayama Yuma Quits College

  1. you can’t have the best of both worlds. And I know, Nakayama-kun will be fine in his chosen world. Anyway, college will always be there if he wanted to go back. There’s no right or wrong time if you want to go back to school but opportunities at work comes only once. And while he’s doing well there, it’s nice to take on the opportunity. Ganbatte ne, Nakayama-kun!


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