All New Dream Boys with “DREAM BOYS JET”


Last Sept 5th, Kis-My-Ft2‘s Tamamori Yuta, Senga Kento, and Miyata Toshiya had their first performance for “DREAM BOYS JET” at Imperial Theater in Tokyo.

“DREAM BOYS” is a popular stage play which have starred Hideaki Takizawa and Kamenashi Kazuya in lead roles; Kamenashi won’t be doing the play this year due to conflicting schedule as he will star in “Tokyo Bandwagon” drama this October.

With new performers at helm, the said play also had a new content as it featured half the life of Masahiko Kondo, who challenged the racing world despite being an idol. Tamamori¬† played the role of Masahiko Kondo, Miyata as the racing team’s engineer, and Masahiko made a special appearance as the racing team’s owner.

Masahiko felt like a newcomer as it is his first time in 24 years to be in a stage play again, he also added that his desire to show his “cool side” to his juniors have become strong because of this opportunity.

DREAM BOYS JET” will run until Sept 29th at Imperial Theater.

jnews1, Nikkan sports, Hochi Yomiuri, and Chunichi Sports

I’m quite glad that they decided to change the story line because the past Dream Boys has Kame’s stamp all over it. XDDD. Anyway, while I was reading some of the articles for this news, I feel sorry for Tamamori and co. since most write-ups were about Masahiko Kondo, his comeback in theater, choosing racing when he was at his peak as an idol, his first award in racing, and the like… I know that he was also in the play but the news made the three like supporting characters when they were clearly the lead. All in all, “DREAM BOYS JET” is Masahiko Kondo’s autobiography told onstage.


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