Nakayama Yuma Aims to Study English after Quitting University

Last Sept 4th, NYC‘s Nakayama Yuma together with Johnny’s Jr. had their first performance for the stage play “ANOTHER” at Nissay Theater, Tokyo. “ANOTHER” is a revival of 1993’s stage play, which starred KinKi Kids with SMAP.

It has been 20 years since the said play have been onstage once again. Johnny Kitagawa is aiming to for the play’s serialization and is intent of doing “ANOTHER” next year.

In addition, Nakayama, who chose to dropped-out of Komazawa Uiversity last March, is intending to study English. “I want to go an English Language School.” Nakayama is looking for an English school and added that he would want to do a play or act in English and aims for a Hollywood debut.

Nikkan Sports and Daily Sports

Here’s hoping that he won’t quit midway! Anyway, making a Hollywood debut is something far-fetched for Yuma right now, aside from having to learn the language, he needs to sharpen his skills more. There are lots of Asians who want to break in mainstream Hollywood but we all know that most Asians are typecasts in playing almost the same roles. ie, that asian friend at school, geek, good in math, martial art artists, an agent from somewhere in asia who is going to cooperate for CIA, a drug dealer, a waiter/waitress in an Asian restaurant, and the like. See? Well, in fairness to Yuma, his looks could pass as an English guy with EuroAsian descent. Oh well, good luck to him!


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