Uchi Hiroki and Takada Sho in a Daytime Drama


It has been announced that Uchi Hiroki and Johnny’s Jr. Takada Sho will star in Fuji TV’s daytime drama this October, titled: “Tengoku no Koi“. The said drama will be written by Nakajima Takahiro, who also wrote popular daytime series like “Shinju Fujin” and “Botan to Bara”.

“Tengoku no Koi” (Heaven of Love) tells the May-December love story between a woman in her 40s and men in their 20s. Tokoshima Yoshiko will play the role of Hanyu Itsuki, a 41 year-old housewife who manages a secondhand bookshop, and living in a strained marriage with her 14 year-old daughter as the only reason it hasn’t fallen apart. One day, Hafu’s slumbering womanly desires suddenly awaken after she caught Shida Motoharu (Takada), who was trying to steal an erotic novel from her bookshop.  As her desires came gushing-in, Hafu decided to embark on a love affair with the young man; afterwards, she met a spitting image Kunitomo Satoshi/Komota Shio (Uchi), her past love who reminded her of dark secrets from the past.

“Tengoku no Koi” will start airing this October 28th until December at 1:30PM (JST).

jnews1 and Fuji TV

T/N: *edited* Uchi has two names because he has past and present characters.

***character names have also been edited since I got the romanization wrong, thank you to rokusnikki for pointing it out!

Correct me if I’m wrong but is this the first time that a Johnny would be in a daytime series (aka soap opera)? If yes, then it’s great (I guess). I mean, soap operas ran longer than a usual primetime dramas, which means more exposure for the actor and more time to better his craft. Though I’m not really sure if daytime dramas are that popular in Japan. Moreover, I’m really surprised to see Takada’s name, he is still young yet he will playing a mature role, though a teenager with a high libido isn’t really unusual but doing it with an older woman is like every teens fantasy (I’m just guessing since I’m not a guy). Though most fans are just excited to see some bed scenes. XD. Oh well, I guess that it’s more surprising that Johnny actually agree with this kind of story, it’s okay for Uchi but for Takada? Well…Since it’s daytime, I think that it will be tamer than the average May-December love affair type of stories. Good luck to both of them!

6 thoughts on “Uchi Hiroki and Takada Sho in a Daytime Drama

  1. If Uchi is her past love, and he comes back, shouldn’t he be older ? xD (40 years old like her). Or he only plays the character from the past ? During flashback maybe.
    Takada will be 20 soon. Legally he can do this kind of part now ahah xD

    it sounds interesting ! Thank you !


    • You have a point about Uchi! XD. I’ve already edited that note since the story line is making Uchi some sort of mysterious character, maybe he is indeed a different person, but only with the same face, and for some reason knows something about her past. Oh well, typical soap opera. XD


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