[Goo] Sakurai Sho Hidden Charms Ranking


Since Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho has been a constant top placer in various goo rankings, goo decided to make their own Sakurai Sho’s “Hidden Charms” ranking to see why this Arashi member is very much-loved.

TOP 10…

10) He is respectful and courteous to his senpais from the agency.

9) He never miss to make preparations/preliminary investigations before he interviews his guests.

8) He loves Arashi and regards their group activities as a matter of importance.

7) He face his drama roles with sincerity.

6) He managed to separate his image from being as “a variety idol host” to that of a “punctual newscaster”.

5) He regards the flow/atmosphere in a program before he makes a proper response.

4) Since he is a newscaster, he increase his knowledge by reading at multiple newspapers each morning.

3) Despite being busy with idol activities, he was able to balance his work and studies.

2) He is skillful in gathering-up Arashi members.

1) Despite being an honor student; he does take the initiative to play the foolish part.


LOL. I was just bored and I happen to see this. Anyway, #4 made me LOL since is it really such a big deal to read newspapers? Anyway, it’s quite obvious that Sho has made his mark being a newscaster and a host since most his “charms” were obviously centered around the two with being an Arashi member as a bonus.


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