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Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round Up (Digest 004)

Before I get busy again and before pictures gets erased, let me do this round-up that showcases these Johnny’s talents in something risqué…

Involve parties are: Tanaka Koki and Shigeaki Kato

  • Tanaka Koki’s “private parts” gets splash on net

Scandalous pictures of KAT-TUN‘s Tanaka Koki have made rounds in the net. Although having Tanaka in a mischievous photo is sort-of normal and most photos are quite old because of Tanaka’s hairstyle/color, his “lower part” being photograph perfectly is very much different from the rest. Aside from Tanaka’s tattoos, most talked-about is his “pearl” implant in his manhood. According to a magazine reporter, Tanaka’s vanity with his lower part may just affect the “clean image” projected from his group, KAT-TUN. Although the magazine reporter also added that he was also surprised about the pearl implant. Related pictures here, here, here, and here.

  • Shigeaki Kato’s Private Photo also gets splash on net


A two-shots picture featuring a woman and a sleeping Shigeaki Kato on bed have created a stir on what was believed as a “post-sex” photograph. The NEWS member reportedly met the woman in a certain bar where he partied with his co-Johnny’s. The woman reportedly works as a reader model and have also gone-out with NEWS’ Keiichiro Koyama. A reporter who knows a lot about Johnny’s feels sorry for Shigeaki’s recent scandal since Shigeaki has always been careful with his actions.

Johnny’s-Watcher 1 and 2

Other digest:


Well, well, well…Being an idol is not just about work but also about behaving badly well. Though it is Koki’s right to show-off his bum, have tattoos, get pearl implants or penile rings, having it made public is really gonna hurt his image (or KT). However, I never really picture Koki behaving like a model student so it’s something expected. However, the pearl implants is indeed surprising. XD

In Shige’s rumor, that woman is at fault. She should pray hard that hardcore Johnny-wotas won’t know her name or she might just have to transfer to another city. Maybe she’s trying to do something similar to that of Ryo’s but just like Ryo’s past scandal, Shige will moved-on while she hops from one bed to the next, bitch.



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