Johnny’s Entertainment Terminates Tanaka Koki’s Exclusive Contract

On Oct 9th, it was revealed that Tanaka Koki‘s exclusive contract under Johnny’s & Associates has been terminated. The decision was reached by the end of September with “bad behavior and repeated violation of rules” cited as reasons. In addition, Tanaka will also be withdrew from KAT-TUN.

Though the exact reason was not mention, many speculate that opening a bar with his brother as well as his recent scandal as reasons.

Tanaka sent a fax to media outlets conveying his thanks and gratitude to the members for the friendship, as well as his apology. Despite this, Tanaka is expected to still continue his career.

KAT-TUN debuted last Mar 2006 and after Akanishi Jin left the group, they will now continue as four members from here on.


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Translated this while at work and on my tab…I can’t help it. Feels really sad. BS you JE! Koki might have behaved inappropriately but is suspension not enough? Why release him? Can’t he just apologize publicly just like Tsuyopon did when he ran naked and drunk? I guess that there is indeed exception to every rule, huh? I just hope that he gets a really good agency who’ll love his badass attitude.


12 thoughts on “Johnny’s Entertainment Terminates Tanaka Koki’s Exclusive Contract

  1. ..ehh??!!!! why!!!!! kat-tun is not complete and perfect without koki.. jin was already a big loss, why release another idol ?!! :(( .. very very sad… i dont want to believe it.


  2. Doushita no? Koki-kun such a good idol….Everyone commits mistakes….Well Johnny Kitagawa is very strict but we should understand him also. Koki-kun was happy to be part of Johnny’s.


    • have felt the same way. and i really did cry not only for Koki but for the whole Kat-tun. Hopefully, they have no plan of disbanding the band coz it will be a total disaster. If only they have reconsider but knowing Johnny’s, even appeal from fans will not made them retract their decision. Let’s just pray for Kame-chan, Tat-chan, Junno-kun, Maru-chan and Koki-kun and even Jin-jin. Let’s support each of them even if they’re not in the same group anymore.


  3. Oh gosh! I’m getting emotional here. i really can’t believe that after Jin, it’s Koki now. Is Koki’s violations that serious that JE needs to terminate him? I am worried for Koki as well as KAT-TUN. Hope Kame-chan, Tat-chan, Junno and Maru-chan will be okay. I am praying for them. Kat-tun will forever be a 6-member group in my heart. And I will forever be a Hyphen.


    • i feel the same way.. dunno if johnny-san wants to disband KAT-TUN or what!! kat-tun contributes alot as johnny’s jrs.. i hope they don’t forget that.. this is fucking cruel!!!! koki is not a bad person.. he doesn’t deserve that.. i am furious right now.. and im so worried about kame-chan,tat-chan,junno-kun and maru-kun i hope they’re fine eventhough it’s impossible.. everything is a mess right now!! if KAT-TUN got disbanded i will fucking curse johnny-san!!!!!!!


    • it’s not only Koki who has done something outrageous and has broken rules/policies. i know there are a lot of JE talents who have done something similar also but was not made public. I love most of JE talents and I don’t want to see anyone leaving the agency. And Kat-tun’s my number 1, so it was really so painful that things have gone this way. I agree with you AshiJinKazu, those 5 have long been struggling to contribute be the best that they can for JE. But knowing them, Kame, Tat-chan, Junno-kun and Maru-chan will be okay as well as Koki. I will still support the 6 of them even if they’re not in the same group anymore. I just love them all ❤


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