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Ikuta Toma’s “Mogura no Uta” to be shown in Rome International Film Festival

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It was reported that Miike Takashi‘s “Mogura no Uta senyuu sosakan REIJI” (The mole-song undercover agents REIJI), which stars Ikuta Toma will have its world premier in the upcoming 8th Rome International Film Festival as part of the competition.

The said festival started last 2006 in the city of Rome with the likes of Nicole Kidman and George Clooney as past participants. Here, Ikuta will be a “participant in the war”. This is not the first time that a movie of Ikuta was included in a festival, though this will be the first time that the actor will be attending a festival overseas.

Based from a bestselling manga, Mogura tells the story of lecherous- yet still virgin- undercover policeman who was tasked to infiltrate a yakuza organization (=mole).

Aside from hoping to return as “Ikuta Roma“; Ikuta also aspires that “Mogura no Uta” will be the first Japanese movie to win an award from the said festival.

The 8th Rome International Film Festival will run from Nov 8th to 17th in Rome, Italy and it will be released locally (in Japan) February next year.

Sanspo and romacinemafest

Italians love Johnny’s, first it was Kame and now it will be Ikuta. I’m hoping for a Kame-like reception for Ikuta from the Italians and I’m hoping that the agency will be as lax as they were to Kame when he was at Udine.

Ikuta is such a great actor so I’m hoping that he or the movie gets the rightful award.



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