[Review] First Impressions on “49” Episode 1


49” is like this season’s “Bad Boys J” with acting neophytes being given lead roles; however, unlike BBJ with its lackluster pilot episode, Sato Shori‘s first lead role turned-out to be surprising…

Here is a quick recap of “49”,


It was a tragic start for “49” with Kagami Dan (Sato Shori) finally decided that it was time for his to vent-out his frustrations with his faceless father, until an accident occurred that lead the father-and-son to hospital.

Dan woke-up, relieve to be alive yet surprise to see his father’s spirit waiting for him. Apologetic that Dan is, his father asks him to let him borrow his body for a while since his soul still has 49 days to hover on earth. Thus, Dan’s father entered his son’s body.

Following the wake, Dan (with his father’s soul inside his body) resumes to what he thinks is his son’s “normal routine”. A big surprise for his mother –Aiko (Konno Mahiru)- that Dan decided to go to school. Dan slowly realize how his son is a truant and he was also surprise to see his eldest daughter –Yuko (Nomira Mosumi)- pregnant.

On his way to school, he met Inoue Satoshi (Jinguji Yuta), who handed him an envelope worth 2000 Yen. The envelope somehow reminded him of the divorce papers he received minutes before his death. Before he could open it, the school bus arrives.

More notable changes to Dan’s personality followed, like being able to speak-up for someone (during the bus ride), greeting his classmates upon arriving at class that was ignored, and talking to Takami Sachi (Yamamoto Maika) when he thought that she was planning to commit suicide.

It was during their conversation when Dan further realized what a underachiever his son is. Though Dan wasn’t bullied, he was the type who prefer to go unnoticed, a huge difference to his overachiever father during his teens.

Contemplating how his son is wasting his youth by not even joining a club , he met Nanase Nashino (real name because I don’t know her character name), a pretty tennis player that he instantly likes and made him think how fun it is to be young again.  Moreover, he was surprised to see that the contents of the envelope given to him earlier were stolen shots of that said pretty tennis player, it made him smile that he and his son has the same taste in women.

Back at Kagami’s household, Dan finds it funny that he hasn’t seen Aiko shed a single tear since the funeral; Aiko showed him that she could shed a tear, but she clarified that they were tears of frustration. Aiko also added how she and Dan’s father has stopped being ‘husband and wife’ for a long time. Furthermore, she added that she thinks that his husband has cheated on her with a certain Ran. Dan can’t help not to be defensive, which surprises Aiko, and she retaliated that how his father never acted like a dad to Dan. Dan could only stay silent since he knew that Ran is nothing but a cat that he cares so much.

At school, the Seiryu basketball club is on the verge abolishment and basketball captain Yashiro Kenta ( Yasui Kentaro) is not happy about it. The other members couldn’t care less since they will be graduating soon; moreover, the club is quite famous for not having a single match and for having a bad reputation. Despite this, Kenta remains hopeful for basketball is the proof of his existence.

At PE class, Dan finds it enjoyable how lithe his body movements has become since he entered his son’s body. Feeling renewed with his son’s young body, he decided to show-off by shooting hoops with his classmates, a move that didn’t go unnoticed by Satoshi, Sachi, and Kenta.


For some reason, “soul-swapping” genres have always been a huge hit for me so it’s not surprising that I like “49”. Moreover, Sato’s acting has greatly improved since “Hungry!” where he was just being cute and nothing more. In 49, he showed maturity, which is just right with his supposed age in the drama. My earlier doubts about this being another “Bad Boys J” with newbies being given roles that needs experience has been erased. Not that everyone has acted flawlessly, but they were able to give justice to their roles and the roles was like tailor-made for them.

However, there were also some misses and lots of questions has been raised that I hope will be answered in the succeeding episodes. First is the fact that why the father has to be faceless? It just doesn’t make sense and I feel sorry for the actor because not only he was killed in the first episode but he remained faceless even in their household’s butsudan.

Second, for a recluse, Kagami Dan is surprisingly well-groomed and his room was really well-maintained.

Third, Dan’s faceless father told his son that he needs to borrow Dan’s body for awhile or “Ran might really die”; Ran turns-out to be a cat and don’t tell me that his father cared that much for a cat than his own family that he even rented an apartment for a cat. I mean, really? Fourth, if Dan’s father is occupying his body, what happened to Dan’s soul then? I was expecting that the father and son will be in one body but surprisingly, it was just Dan’s father.

Lastly, aside from Sato, what I really like is the Seiryu Basketball club starting with Kenta. At first, I really thought that they’ll be the typical school bullies but despite their tough persona, they were a rowdy group with full of laughs.

As the old saying goes, “the youth is wasted on the young”, which must be Dan’s father dilemma so he asks his son to let him borrow his body. Or maybe, Dan’s father was just trying to relieve his high school life since that seems to be his “prime”.

I think that “49” is trying to show us how youth must be spent to the fullest because we only get to be young once and how one must embrace his/her high school life.

All in all, “49” deserves a follow-up for its inspiring story.


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