“Bad Boys J the Movie” Event Turns into a “Male Festival”

Last Oct 20th, Sexy Zone‘s Nakajima Kento, ABC-Z‘s Hashimoto Ryosuke, Kis-My-Ft2‘s Nikaido Takashi, and other units from Johnny’s Jr. attended the “male-only” preview event for the movie – “Bad Boys J the Movie: Saigo ni Mamoru Mono“.

The youth movie is based from last Spring’s TV drama, “Bad Boys J“, which features three gangs fighting to be the number 1 gang in Hiroshima.

The movie’s PR event is also the first time that Johnny’s did a “male-only” invitation with 500 men in attendance. Nakajima was all serious when he did the stage greeting as there were no girls in the audience but Nikaido was surprised to hear cheers/screams from the male-only audience.

“This all-male event is a dream, I want to increase you (male fans) awfully to fill the Tokyo Dome someday,” Nakajima commented with a smiling face. Afterwards, the guys did a “high-five” event for 30 minutes.

Bad Boys J the Movie: Saigo ni Mamoru Mono” will hit the theaters on Nov 9th.

For more info about the movie, visit HERE.

jnews1, Nikkan Sports, and Hochi Yomiuri

I never really like the drama, I only endured watching it for Fukka! Oh well, what’s with JE producing their less-stellar dramas to movies? First it was Bakaleya, now its BBJ, and Kamen Teacher will be next. If Johnny is this desperate to show-off his junior units then why not just debut them all?


2 thoughts on ““Bad Boys J the Movie” Event Turns into a “Male Festival”

  1. Bad Boys J is like Shiritsu Bakaleya Kokou…because in Bad Boys J they are 3 gangs that they want to be the 1 gang in Hiroshima while in Shiritsu Bakaleya they is this school whose said to be #1 school when it comes to fight and that school was Bakada. Anyway, I want to see their reactions when they saw their male fans…


    • Somehow it is the same but in Bakaleya, but the main point of the story in Bakaleya is the merging of a yanki-all boys school and an ojousama-all girls school. The gang fights were merely an addition.


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