[Review] First Impressions on “ANDO LLOYD~A.I. Knows Love?~” Episode 1

As one of the most anticipated dramas for this season, ANDO LLOYD or simply Andoroido has also been heavily criticized and bashed before it even started rolling. Nonetheless, this fast-paced drama tries to recapture the chemistry of the two leads of “Good luck!!” fame with added mystery and futuristic effect.

Here is a quick recap of ANDO LLOYD episode 1,


Matsushima Reiji (Kimura Takuya) is a certified geek, genius physicist, Nobel Prize hopeful, make jokes that are never funny, and has a strong aversion to staring into someone’s eyes. Nonetheless, he was lucky to be the fiance of one of the most gorgeous ladies in IT industry- Ando Asahi (Shibasaki Kou). A pairing that, as Reiji have said, has been pre-determined.

With the most recent death of a man of science, Reiji knows that it will be his turn to die so he must make the hypothesis and prove it (a physicist until death). Reiji’s forthcoming death is something that he looks forward with unbelievable calmness and something that his little sister Matsushima Nanase(Oshima Yuko)- have taken seriously. Nanase decided to phone Asahi upon learning about his brother’s inclusion in a so-called “Homicide Schedule”. A schedule, which even the police have gotten hold to, and reportedly came from the future of 100 years from 2013.

Ando knew something was wrong the moment she received a call in her cellphone, it has Reiji’s voice but she knew better since her eccentric fiance doesn’t know her cellphone number and he doesn’t eat out. Hopeful that Reiji is okay, she rushed to Tokyo Imperial University to meet Nanase.

A move that is too late because Reiji is ready to meet his “killer” and literally walk into his killer’s lair where he was shot earlier than his expected time of death. Nevertheless, with Reiji’s hypothesis being concluded and proven, he remains firm in his wish to protect Asahi.

Upon learning about Reiji’s death that was covered-up with a plane crash, Asahi could only look back at their times spent together, from the time they first met (because of shogi), to their first kiss (gyaa!), to being engaged, and living together. As Asahi sat and cries in Reiji’s university office replica in their home, she doesn’t know that a futuristic change is taking place.

Knowing full well that she is the next to die, Asahi still went to work with police investigator Ashimoi Saku (Endo Kenichi) trailing behind her. Unbeknown to both, Laplace (Fukuda Ayano), an android and Reiji’s killer, is all ready to claim the life of Asahi as written in the homicide calendar. Laplace pushed Asahi as a bullet train arrives, only for a hero to arrive.

The said hero was generated from a computer and born from a desk drawer is Android (Ando Lloyd) ARX 11-13 (Kimura’s bday is actually 11/13.XD). An android task by Reiji to save Asahi at all cost. Asahi immediately knows that it wasn’t Reiji despite the similar appearance, after all, it wasn’t in Reiji’s personality to stare boldly at someone.

Because of Ando Lloyd’s unexpected arrival due to Reiji’s unexpected interference, Laplace must kill him first for the sole reason that he just changed the course of history. The two went to a Terminator-like fighting sequence until Ando Lloyd finally defeated and disintegrated Laplace to mere particles.

Feeling tired from everything that happened, Asahi felt like it’s better if she just die. Thus, she went back to the train platform and jump.

However, Ando Lloyd still managed to save her. Ando Lloyd told Asahi that Reiji ordered him to save Asahi at all costs. However, if Asahi herself wanted to die so bad then it’s like breaking his contract with Reiji. Thus, Ando Lloyd reached to a conclusion, if Asahi wanted to die, then, he’ll kill her himself.


As the present and future world collides, Andoroido’s first episode has been fast with several characters appearing without even a mere introduction. It tries to capture viewers by fusing reality with the unreal, something that is expected with Nishiogi Yumie of SPEC fame as the writer. However, unlike SPEC with the quirky and gyoza-loving Toda Erika as a SPEC investigator, Andoroido tries to emulate people with SPEC’s with futuristic Androids trying to messed-up with the present and injecting a tragic love story to the side.

It made me arrived with questions, like: what’s with the android’s in the first place? Why are they the one killing people in the present and why are they messing-up with our own time? I know that Ando Lloyd has been ordered by Reiji to save Asahi, which leads me to another question, how did Reiji managed to summon Ando Lloyd from the future before his death? Did he use the dokedemo door to travel back and forth? Just recall his line that meeting Asahi has been pre-determined/decided, or that Ando Lloyd was created from a prohibited system called the ASURA. If yes, when did he manage to create such door or program? Questions aside, the writer have created enough conflicts to keep viewers watching, or have them dropped everything.

Acting-wise, I like the geeky Kimura rather that his android self because it’s so rare to see Kimura acting all stupid and saying jokes that are never funny. It’s not that his jokes are not funny, but his jokes were just as complicated as his formulas and equations that you need to do some mental computation to even get it. Kou is not only gorgeous but she still has that chemistry with Kimura especially with Reiji’s character, but for her age (her age in the drama), Kou’s character is like that of a child begging for a candy when she’s with Reiji with all the lip-pouting she did.

Nonetheless, of the 5 androids shown in the first episode, Laplace is my favorite. That passive expressions to gorgeous wigs makes Laplace a really cool android, which is in contrast to quirky Sapuri (Honda Tsubasa) and the mysterious high school girl (Mirei Kiritani) who has an annoying laugh.

The side characters aside, Oshima Yuko did look like Kimura’s sister especially with the hair and Jesse should have more airtime and more lines because it was sadly lacking in the first episode.

All in all, Andoroido started off quite complicated with complicated stories and characters, but that is to be expected since future is indeed a complicated thing. However, as the future remains unseen, some may just find everything weird. In the end, I did hope that they just drop the android thing and just look for a different conflict to inject in Reiji and Asahi love affair.


Raw provider (in mp4 format): tomapiya

Subs : harorangers

Screencaps : mine

Pls. respect their hard work and don’t upload to any streaming sites or sell their work!


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