First Impressions on “Kurokouchi” Episode 1

Kurokouchi” is one of the deka dramas this season that talks about a badass police investigator with a badass reputation so what would you get? A badass drama that defies even censorship.

Here is the quick recap of the “Kurokouchi” episode 1,

Quick Recap

The episode starts with a flashback 45 years ago where a sum of 300 million Yen was stolen and remains unsolved until today. Forward to the present, Kurokouchi Keita (Tomoya Nagase) is called to do one of his specialties, covering-up a crime. His client is no small fry; he’s an assemblyman named Goda Bungo (Ishimaru Kenjiro) and he just killed his mistress, a hostess named Rina. Without a hint of pity, Kurokouchi re-make the room to make it look like a robbery took place and asks a flustered Goda where he was hiding his 5 million Yen slush fund. After all, Kurokouchi isn’t covering-up a crime for free.

The next day, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Chief Takeshi Ushii (Koichi Mantaro) is present in the crime scene to welcome the new assistant inspector coming-in to the scene. Asst. Inspector Seike Mashiro (Gouriki Ayame) is more than meets the eye, she got a sharp memory with the past 10 years of criminal records committed to her brain.

As the First Investigation Division do their job, Second Investigation Division Inspector Kurokouchi casually comes in and sniffs his way to the vault hidden under what seems to be a tree pot. The First Division asks him how he knew about the hidden stash and he tells them how he came last night to shake Goda about the money and how he left with Goda with Rina still alive. In short, he just created an alibi for Goda since a purikura of him and Rina was taken in the crime scene.

Afterwards, the First Div continued with their investigation meeting with Kurokouchi being present because it’s the 2nd Division’s job to settle matters involving politicians most especially with the upcoming Prefectural Governaturial race in the picture. At the end of the meeting, the police have created two goals, one of which is finding Goda who is now missing. Moreover, Seike was called by the Prefectural Chief Dojima Noriyuki (Kazama Morio) and informed her that she will be joining forces with Kurokouchi as a disguise but in reality, she will watch Kurokouchi since Kurokouchi has a bad reputation in the force and that he might know more about the Goda incident.

Kurokouchi couldn’t care less with Seike’s presence and he still does his usual round of accepting bribery from politicians while she looks on. When Seike informs him that she will tell the police that Kurokouchi has been accepting bribery, he decided to bring Seike to Goda and tell her more of the story.

Apparently, Kurokouchi is searching for the perpetrator of two unsolved murders eight years ago, he has one suspect and that is Sawatari Kazunari (Watabe Atsuro), current Governor and rumor has it that he is planning to run for a third term. Kurokouchi is planning to land a bomb on Sawatari once he has gathered the right evidence and Goda is one of the key as he used to work as Sawatari’s secretary eight years ago.

Seike didn’t know whether to believe him or not; however, upon returning to the headquarters for another investigator’s conference, she learned that someone wants Goda out of the picture and they must search for the Rina’s “other lover”. Seike chose to stay quiet for a while as she comes face-to-face with Goda who was given three choices by Kurokouchi, one of which is to confess everything that he knew about the unsolved murder case 8 years ago.

In the end, Goda chose to spill the beans by writing at the cost of his life, Kurokouchi happens to be Rina’s other lover; and with all eyes on Kurokouchi, he and Seike went to Goda’s vacation house to complete the last piece of the puzzle.

Upon arriving at Goda’s vacation house, they found a .22 caliber gun, the gun believed to be used in the family of three murdered 8 years ago. However, two unwelcome visitors arrived with machine guns ready to rattle on them. Kurokouchi flawlessly shot a bullet to their forehead while Seike literally peed on her pants. The two hired gunmen happens to be Goto (Azuma Mikihisa) and Shima (Kaneko Ken), both are investigators in the First Div.

Afterwards, the partners decided its time to pay Sawatari a visit and tell him all about what they learned after watching him for a long time. Moreover, Kurokouchi also asks him about the 300 million Yen, the so-called largest heist in Japanese story, and what Kurokouchi believed was something that the police chose to unsolved. Kurokouchi also thinks that Seike must learned about it since it was something that Seike’s father might also be indirectly involve before his death.

In the end, Sawatari chose to withdraw from running in the Governatorial race, though he’s yet to admit his crimes, the case will be closed by now. Seike knew that the Kurokouchi laid the trap for Goda to arrest Sawatari and while she does not agree with Kurokochi’s wayward ways of solving crimes, she can’t argue whether he is bad or good.

As the episode closes-in, Kurokouchi still wonder how he was able to hide the 300 million Yen.


Despite my annoyance to Ayame Gouriki’s face, I manage to finished this drama by not pressing the fast forward button because she is always with Tomoya and that I don’t want to miss a single detail about this drama.

Anyway, “Kurokouchi” literally gobsmacked me from the beginning of the episode; I’ve seen lots of deka dramas but no one has the gall to show a nude woman’s body with her nipple expose. It’s just something that is not done on TV but seeing a nipple is somewhat tame compared to the gruesome killing and shameless bribery shown in the first episode.

In short, episode one showed that man-made laws are the most fragile laws on earth with the makers and guardians of that law as the perpetrators of the crime. It’s something that we knew exist but cover-ups is something that they do so well. As they say, “evil must be fought with evil” and that is exactly what Kurokouchi is set out to do.

In addition, the first episode is full mysterious characters and unanswered questions that will surely make their appearance in the future episodes. I’m particularly interested on what made Kurokouchi so obsessed with solving the 300 million Yen issue since I doubt that he was already born during that time or if he was born, I doubt that he is old enough to be involved with the issue. I also want to know more about Seike’s father and his influenced on both Seike and Kurokouchi.

Acting-wise, Tomoya is definitely perfect for his role; from style to attitude, it’s just flawless. Watabe as Sawatari has the perfect smile that would definitely pissed you off, which means that he is effective. Gouriki’s persona isn’t really what would you expect from a Todai and assistant inspector, despite her superb memory, she lacks the assertiveness that one would expect.

All in all and interestingly enough, Kurokouchi’s way of mixing fact from fiction will surely enliven your deka viewing pleasure.


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Screencaps : mine

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