Kanjani8 to Provide Theme Song for Ikuta’s “Mogura no Uta”

It has been announced that Kanjani8 will sing the theme song of Ikuta Toma‘s upcoming movie, “Mogura no Uta senyuu sosakan REIJI“. The said song is titled, “King of Otoko!(キング・オブ・男!)”.

In the said movie, Ikuta plays a lecherous policeman named Kikukawa Reiji who infiltrated a yakuza group. Directed by Miike Takashi, the movie becomes a “roller coaster movie”,which draws Kikugawa’s comically and thrillingly figure who fights desperately to arrest a target.

As for the title tune, the lyrics will revolve around keywords involving friends, dreams, and things that someone wants to protect.

Mogura no Uta senyuu sosakan REIJI” will hit the theaters on Feb 5, 2014 while the date for “King of Otoko!” single release is yet to be announced.

Tower Records

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Well, it’s not like I’m expecting that Ikuta will sing the song. XD.



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