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Confirmed Johnny’s to Perform at 64th Kohaku Uta Gassen

The complete list is out for the 64th Kohaku Uta Gassen with a total of 5 Johnny’s groups in the  White team, lead by Arashi who also serve as hosts together with Ayase Haruka.

The rests are:

  • Arashi | 5th time to perform
  • Kanjani8 | 2nd time to perform
  • SMAP | 21st time to perform
  • Sexy Zone | NEW!
  • TOKIO | 20th time to perform


I’m sure that there lots of eyebrows raised with the inclusion of Sexy Zone in the performers list but this is nothing new with Johnny pushing his younger guns. After all, we managed to endure NYC for 4 years in Kohaku singing “Yuki 100%”. However, considering that Sexy Zone also did their own version of “Yuki 100%” for Nintama Rantaro Kaze o Kitte then we could expect to hear it again.

This is also Kanjani8 2nd time to perform so HELL YEAH! I’m expecting them to be as goofy as last year and I’m hoping that they will sing “Takoyaki in the heart”.

Other than that, it’s disappointing for Johnny-san to choose Sexy Zone over Hey!Say!JUMP whom I think is more suited to perform in Kohaku. However, if Johnny didn’t see their potential to perform in Kohaku after years of pushing NYC on Kohaku stage, it will be long before the HSJ babies get to do so.

For full list of the performers, HERE.



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