Nishikido Ryo and Aragaki Yui Broke-up before “Pocky Day”

Just when you thought that this rumor is over after Nishikido flatly denied any romantic relationship with Aragaki, this comes-out with us feeling sorry for Ryo having to spend his “Pocky Day” all alone, well not really.

As reported,

Woman’s Weekly recently reported that Nishikido Ryo and Aragaki Yui have broke-up just before “Pocky Day”. The two were rumored to be in relationship last March.

Sources say that the 8-month relationship finally ended because the two has little time to meet because of the prying public eye after their “neighborhood love” was exposed.

The two co-star in Fuji TV’s “Zenkai Girl” last year and their relationship progressed by summer. Many fans of Aragaki were reportedly disappointed because their “scandal virgin” idol got associated with a Johnny’s playboy.

At the time when their relationship was exposed, many Jani wotas bashed Aragaki for being “boring” and that the relationship won’t be long before it’s over.

Nishikido and Aragaki were last seen together in October for “Kusanagi Tsuyoshi no ganbatta taishō” to promote their respective dramas that are currently airing this Fall. The said guesting caused quite an uproar among Jani wotas even though the two didn’t interact during the show.

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Okay, just like what Ryo have said before, “there is nothing, nothing, nothing…”


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