Okada Junichi Attends Completion Announcement for “Eien no Zero”

V6‘s Okada Junichi attended the completion announcement and film preview of “Eien no Zero” in Tokyo International Forum. Based from bestselling novel of Momota Naoki, “Eien no Zero” tells the story of a Japanese WWII soldier who died during the Pacific War and after many years later,  his grandson decided to search for the truth about his grandfather’s death.

During the event, Okada gets playful with his co-stars where he described Sometani Shota for being “cute” and looking at him gives Okada a good feeling. Okada also poke fun at KAT-TUN‘s Ueda Tatsuya spiky hair because its like the wind is blowing his hair. Afterwards, Okada joke that people might think that he is a pervert.

Also in attendance during the event, are: Inoue Mao, Miura Haruma, Hamada Gaku, Arai Hirofumi, and Miura Takahiro.

Eien no Zero” will hit the theaters on Dec 21st.

Sanspo and Daily Sports




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