When being the Last is also a Huge Deal…

Who says everyone wants to be the first?

Performing in Tokyo’s National Olympic Stadium is a HUGE deal that has been only accomplished by some of the biggest stars (with an equally huge fan base). However, being the LAST to perform in the said stadium before it closes for renovation is also a huge deal, well, at least to some Arashi fans…

As reported,

AKB48‘s general superintended, Takahashi Minami, made a tearful announcement that the popular all-girl group AKB48 will be holding a two-day concert at Tokyo National Stadium in March of next year. The said announcement was met with disapproval by some Arashians because Arashi‘s “Arafes 2013” should be the “Kokuritsu Saigo!” (National’s Last) performance.

AKB48 will be the 5th group to perform at the National Stadium; they will join the ranks of SMAP, Arashi, DREAMS COME TRUE, and L’arc~en~Ciel, as the only artists who have performed in the said stadium. Furthermore, with renovation plans for the stadium scheduled this July, AKB48’s March concert will now serve as the “last artist” to stand before the stadium closes for renovation for Tokyo Olympics 2020.

And Arashi fans is not so happy with this news.

An entertainment reporter cited that some fans are “too shocked” with the news that its hard for them to regain their own footing since it’s personal among them to celebrate last performance in National Stadium with their idols. It was even quoted during MC how they [Arashi] are the “last to sing at Kokuritsu” and speculations are rife that the said MC part will be cut-out from Arafes 2013 DVD.

While there are arguments that AKB48 is trying to trump over Arashi from Kokuritsu, there were also speculations that this is AKB48’s way of trumping over Momoiro Clover Z for the title as the “first-ever all female group to perform in Kokuritsu”. This is after Momoclo was given the title of “the first-ever all female group to perform in Nissan Stadium”; and AKB48 chose to do their 2013 Senbatsu in Nissan Stadium even though they always do it at Nippon Budokan. For this reason, Arashi seem to be caught in the battle between two female groups.



I LOL’d at this news/rumor or whatever you want to call this. I mean, it’s not like Arashi owns the Kokuritsu and it’s not like the place is exclusive to them. So this another case of over-reacting fans who are probably writing to Johnny’s as of this moment and demanding another Arafes on June or to be sure, on July exactly the night before the stadium officially closes.

Seriously, Arashi has performed for the past 6 years in Kokuritsu and that is already a feat itself than being the last to perform.



11 thoughts on “When being the Last is also a Huge Deal…

  1. …and now momoclo is also going to perform in kokuritsu. it really just feels like the stadium’s trying to fit in as many events in its calendar before it undergoes renovation. kanjani8 should announce their turn next.


    • Kanjani8 in Kokuritsu would be awesome!!! They will totally rock the place! It’s funny about Momoclo performing in Kokuritsu and the date was even set before AKB gets to perform at the place


  2. There seemed to be a misinformation here. AKB was offered to perform at Nissan Stadium way earlier in January while Momoclo was given the same offer on February. So where did this “Momoclo was given the title of the first-ever all female group to perform in Nissan Stadium” came from?


    • this>>>>And a rumor, AKB planned to hold their election at Nippon Budokkan, booked the place for 6/5. But Momoclo’s plan to hold a concert at Nissa Stadium leaked, AKB changed the plan, they can not loose to Momoclo as the first female group to hold concert in a stadium. Their booked Nippon Budokkan was used for Kenkyuusei concert which is so random. Really? A Kenkyuusei concert 3 days before election?


    • Both were surprise announcement, so I doubt that Momoclo ever plan to held concert there first. Beside, Momoclo has been targeting Kokuritsu for a while. See the contradiction in the rumor?

      Random? But AKB has performed many times at Nippon Budokkan before so I fail to see how random that is.


  3. Glad to know you think that way. Honestly, I’m sick of all the Arashi vs. AKB thing. Yeah, Arashi said it was the last concert and surprise! they are not, but that’s how enterteinment industry works.
    Both groups are amazing .

    Pd. If that is the real reason behind the not realasing Arafes DVD thing, well, it’s stupid.


  4. >This is after Momoclo was given the title of “the first-ever all female group to perform in Nissan Stadium”; and AKB48 chose to do their 2013 Senbatsu in Nissan Stadium even though they always do it at Nippon Budokan.

    Um..or maybe AKB just want to perform at bigger venues since they already cleared Tokyo Dome?
    Why do people overthink so much…

    Anyway these things are so dumb…


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