Sakurai Sho Comments on AKB48’s Upcoming Kokuritsu Concert

Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho just won the heart of AKB48 fans…

As reported,

AKB48 will hold their first ever live concert in Kokuritsu (Tokyo National Olympic Stadium) on Mar 2014. The said announcement made last Dec 17th was met with complaints from some Arashi fans. It is because Arashi‘s “Arafes” should be Kokuritsu’s last live before the stadium undergoes renovation on July next year.

In response to an interview by a sports journal, Sakurai reminisce on “Arafes 2013” held last September. It was also during that month when it was decided that Tokyo will host the Olympics and Sakurai reflects on lighting the Olympic torch. He hopes others will share the experience, “I wish that AKB48 and various artists would also see that amazing scenery”.

Sakurai’s comment attracted attention among AKB48 and Arashi fans. In an AKB fan site, many were saying “thank you” and even endorsing Sakurai to be the next theater manager.

Furthermore, Sakurai also received praises for his “mature remark” and how he is good-looking inside and out. Hopefully, Arashi fans would calm down with Sakurai’s comment.

In a related news, Arashi also congratulates Momoiro Clover Z for their upcoming live concert in Kokuritsu. The two groups meet during Kohaku rehearsals. The girl group said they were happy since they have watched all of Arashi’s live DVDs in Kokuritsu.

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3 thoughts on “Sakurai Sho Comments on AKB48’s Upcoming Kokuritsu Concert

  1. It’s not like AKB fans even cared about this whole mess to begin with. Alot just rolled eyes or was WTF surprise at Arashi fans making a big deal about it. I heard from a L’arc fan that they also acted up when L’arc performed there so I guess it’s not a new thing…Glad Sho talked about it to calm few of those crazy fangirls. ❤


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